Lunch Menu

Our lunch menu includes our delicious homemade burgers, savoury wraps and authentic Turkish Pizzas(Pide). If you haven’t given it a try yet, today might be the day? Our lunch menu is on everyday between 12 pm – 6 pm.

Evening Menu

From sizzling grills to authentic Ottoman dishes that a classic Turkish restaurant offers. Allerton Istanbul BBQ & Bistro evening menu offers a great range of savoury dishes that will enhance your tastebuds!

Drinks Menu

Pick from our extensive range of soft drinks to cocktails from our renowned menu. Or you can try our authentic Turkish beer Efes on draft!

What is Turkish tea?

Tea is big in Turkey. A great deal of the population admires this drink. When asked to describe a hot summer day, a cold winter day, a visit to family or friends, a quick way to relax and especially a full breakfast, tea will be part of it. People often associate Turkish tea with apple tea, but that’s just a touristic thing. Traditional Turkish tea is black, and it’s consumed massively.

Turks do sometimes fancy herbal tea, such as rosehip (kuşburnu çayı), linden flower (ıhlamur çayı) among other flavours. But those are mostly consumed for their health characteristics and to colour up the taste buds.


Opening Times

Everyday 12.00am – 11:00pm


165 Allerton Road , Mossley Hill, Liverpool, England

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